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Need someone who has been an Alaska cruise / tour recently to offer advice on mosquito problems and visits?
What works for mosquitoes? Do they get on board the ship in port? Are there tour options in Fairbanks, Denali and ports of Haines, Juneau and Ketchican which are cheaper than those offered by the cruise line?

You have very few problems with mosquitoes. They will not be on the ship. They are not anywhere there is wind or rain or above 70 degrees outside. There is very little in cities, because there is no stagnant water to breed in the only place where you can see is if you are near a marsh, lake or other moist, or at night in a wooded area. If you are allergic to mosquito bites, insect repellent Cutter works well. In Alaska, we put on our clothes, rather than our skin. We cover our exposed skin with hats, gloves thin, long sleeves, etc. For some reason, mosquitoes are attracted by the color blue.
In Fairbanks, Riverboat Discovery, University of Alaska Museum, Little Eldorado Gold Mine, Tales of The Trail with Mary Shields (I like it), and the presentation Aurora Ice Museum are some attractions. I also recommend the downtown Morris Thompson Visitor’s Center on the Chena River (free or inexpensive). In Denali, if you make arrangements in advance that you can tour the park’s public bus. Buses are less comfortable, but it goes further into the park and at a reasonable price. You must bring your own snacks. That’s how non-tour to see the park. You can find info. on the website of the park. Haines only the world of Hammer Museum, and lovely beaches. Sometimes it’s just nice to walk, sit in a coffee and chat with locals, etc. If you can enjoy the entire trip Klukwan to do so. In Juneau, some people simply hire a taxi and go drive around on the Mendenhall Glacier, the Alaska State Museum, past the Governor’s Mansion and State Capitol. The center is limited enough that if you just want to walk, you can see the museum, the capital, shops and ride the tram up to Mt Roberts all on foot, if you’re a walker. There are even some hiking trails that take off from downtown, as Basin Road and Mt Roberts Trail. For shopping, I love Raven’s Journey to Aboriginal art Authentic down to the end of the main street of the cruise ships dock on Franklin and the old and used books and store the map of Observatory of books, a few blocks up the street about two blocks before the Baranof Hotel.
In Ketchikan, try to see the Totem Heritage Center and / or out of Saxman. A walk in the marina is fun, too. Most people like to see Creek Street, Ketchikan Creek along and shop for all original art is for sale in Ketchikan.
Depending on the time of year you travel, Alaska has many fairs and festivals this summer. So keep an eye on the calendars of events and you may be able to attend a local parade. The fish will be implemented in the fall, and you may be able to see some come upstream to spawn, or watch the eagles fishing. If you are riding around in the morning before 8 or after 9 pm to watch the moose in the fields and ponds.
It’s fun to meet local people. Participation in events is one way to do it. In Alaska, you can start a conversation with people. Most Alaskans are very friendly, do not hesitate to ask people for advice and guidance. Like everywhere, you might meet someone who has no personality, if that happens, just ask someone else.
Here are some questions not to ask 8>):
Do you take American money here? (We are proud to be the 49th state party and feel much the United States)
Do you live in igloos? (Igloos were temporary shelters for hunting)
Where can I see an Eskimo? (Inupiaq and Yup’ik people live in communities across our state and are not a tourist attraction. If people want to know more about e.

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