Disney Vacation Packing List

Disney Vacation Packing List

Dinsey World?
I’m so excited to go to Disney World! Can someone tell me something to make me more excited!? Or something I can do to be ready, in addition to a packing list, ordoring a vacation planning kit, to see how much it will cost, which in my family is coming, and the flight plan my family?

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Looks like you already have your plate full! I suggest going to the library and see if they have videos or books on travel Disney World – and there are lots and lots of things on the net about it! When you arrive at the castle, there is a garden of roses behind him is just beautiful – and there is a wishing well in the garden is very special, but if you do not know that’s where you miss not!

Remember to look everywhere for “Hidden Mickeys” – you never know where they’ll pop up! See if you get copies of the magazine Disney Insider – they give you advice on how to enjoy the park to the fullest! Such that the path to follow when you enter to avoid the most crowds, when not trying to eat lunch, etc! Ride all the rides, try to hit all the high spots in the parks – there’s something for everyone. Have fun – it’s really a wonderful time! Enjoy!

Calm down Jump up and down what you want to just go and have fun!

YES, you “just won dallors million worldwide CRUSE

Just bring lots of money

yeayyyyy Disney World –  Disney Vacation

Make sure you bring a small handbag so you can override the rides! I recommend you bring sunscreen, extra batteries, and your camera.

Also, try to get your shopping when you arrive, you can have your packages sent to the front of the park to avoid having to transport them.

Because there is generally a period of 3 hours before you can pick back up, shopping at the beginning of the day will ensure that you can get all your packages at the exit. If you stay at a Disney hotel, they can send packets to your hotel to pick up.

go have fun, great fun
hey very least, take me.
i love it there, ive been twice and will go every year if possible

in my opinion is the beast disney city. Pleasure Island is a must. they have all kinds of shops and clubs to go there at night after closing the parks. and they are 18 years and over

Remember, this is not the only disneyworld magic kingdom, EPCOT, the world of the future. Do not miss EPCOT!

Disney Vacation

Do not forget your camera. If you do not really buy a disposable one from Wal-Mart or somewhere b / c they are too expensive @ Disney World! Have fun! Tell Mickey I said whats up! lol

I know it’s been great fun there like 4 times and want to return because they are always adding new things there. also go to the Disney MGM Studios and Epcot Center too, Disney’s Animal Kingdom so much fun.

do not forget Universal Studios is agreat place again

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