Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

international phone call from Disney Cruise ship?
I’m going on a cruise ship with Disney to next Christmas, but I must make a very important call International (South America) on Christmas Day, and I do not know if it will be possible from the ship. I know that ships had phones, but I do not know if they are designed to handle a call from the Caribbean all the way to South America.

The ship will be docking at the island of Disney Castaway Cay, on Christmas Day, but I do not remember that there are phones on the island, either. Does anyone know if the appeal would be possible? I’m still trying to get their hands on the Disney people to ask, but I wonder if any of you are quite familiar with the cruise line to answer.

My wife and I took an Alaska cruise on Celebrity for our 25th wedding anniversary. I guess the Disney ships are implemented in a similar manner.

There is a cellular service onboard the ship. All appeals will be considered “roaming” rates and are a bit high (but not as bad as it sounds). There is also a telephone service on board, but it was really expensive.

Check the website for the ship, you’ll be on the list and they should rate it.

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship 01

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

If you are going to be on the ground that day, you might consider taking your mobile phone and call the bank. Any way you call will be expensive, but for a very important call, sometimes you just have to do. If I understand correctly, calls from ships on satellites. In terms of getting a response from Disney, did you ask your travel agent to address this issue and answer for you? Travel agents have contacts with cruise lines as the rest of us do not.

I was on the Disney Magic recently. Disney crew their ships with a cellular network onboard if you are at sea, when you need to make your call, you can call via your mobile phone (I had Verizon Wireless and I used to calls and receive messages).

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