Cosala Magic town

Cosala Magic town – Sinaloa

The territory where Cosala, is currently located was occupied by prehistoric peoples mainly by indigenous groups Tepehuanes, Acaxee, and Xiximies; testimony of this civilization found in various petroglyphs and cave paintings that can be seen in various regions of the municipality.

In contrary to the Aztec pilgrimage route, came accompanied by Allied native Spaniards, and found a beautiful place called Quetzalla or Cozatl, “Place of beautiful surroundings” and “Place of macaws”, which could immediately confirm the existence of a great mineral wealth in August 1531.

Cosalá preserves intact its urban design in the form of broken dish, shape and width of streets and sidewalks as well as the height of the latter, has not changed. Its architecture-level facades and interiors is preserved in more than 90%, and rescue work is underway in pursuit of achieving 100%.

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Cosalá architecture arises from nature and is perfectly integrated into it, with inner courtyards and thick adobe walls that represent the solution to the problem of the climate, during the summer and winter are spaces with a pleasant temperature. The architecture of Cosala not only integrates with the natural environment, but arises and is part of it.

One of the enigmas of Cosala is the presence of ghosts in many of its ancient buildings. Thus designates it the oral tradition that over the centuries has been pointing out the places of apparitions and the details thereof.

There are historical, cultural and natural attractions in Cosala, some major are in the historic area sights, the kiosk, the Plaza de Armas and the Temple of Santa Ursula, the chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Jesuit convent, the Franciscan convent, the home of the Federal Palace at the time of the Reformation, the Bedbug, alley Luis Perez Meza exquisite colonial corner, the fifth representative of the most luxurious of times mining and Palace provinces. As well as the Church of San Francisco Javier, La Capilla de Guadalupe, Santa Ursula parish.

Cosalá has several resorts that, for its beauty, are unforgettable; one of them is “Deep Ford”, 15 kilometers from Cosala, is a beautiful place for recreation and enjoying a waterfall and a lake between profuse vegetation, ideal to spend a day in the field. If you want to go fishing, about 20 kilometers from Cosala, “José López Portillo” is the dam.

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For lovers of hiking is “La Gruta Mexico”, quirk of nature, it is located to the northeast of the county seat, at the top of the Hill of the “Palmar de Fonseca”.

To the North of the municipal seat is the town the “drawer of Tapacoya”, where there are inscriptions of petroglyphs of ancient cultures. The mining districts “Guadalupe de los Reyes” and “Our Lady”, are a reason more than tourist attractions.

Cosalá is characterized by a diversity of cultural events that are the result of its centuries-old history, the fruit of its miscegenation and the effort of its people to preserve the traditions of their ancestors.

One of these expressions is the show that can be involved year with year on the eve of the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, when thousands and thousands of candles are lit and placed on the sidewalks of the streets, in windows and doors, to delimit and illuminate the Virgin pass through the looped streets of the city.

Other events of significance are June 24, St. John’s day, the day of Santa Ursula, patron saint of Cosala, March 13 date of its founding, dead days, mother’s day and the holidays, are events in which enthusiasm overflows.

Cosala Magic town

Handicraft tradition is represented by the saddlers activity that for centuries has been performing and perfecting mainly in the neighbouring community of El Rodeo. Also in the same community, there are domestic workshops where they make hammocks, bags and other items from the ixtle fibre.

Cosalteca gastronomy is rich and varied, featuring grindings of cane with all its by-products, the elaboration of canned fruits, bread, pies, dulce de leche, machaca, chorizo, cheese, tamales and regional dishes, which are a delight to the palate and that can be tasted in the restaurants and other food sites.

What to visit in Cosala Magic town
Walk through the streets of this magnificent people, is to make a retrospective tour through 500 years of history. The oldest building of the place, is the Guadalupe Chapel, which was previously named Church of St. Francis Xavier.

This building dates back to the period between 1600 and 1700, and between materials that includes its structure, include adobe and the quarry.

Other attractions are there in Cosala are fifth Miner, who shows us the luxury that came to take the place in its moment of greatest prosperity; the Municipal Palace, an elegant mansion, very pleasant to contemplate and the House of Don Francisco Iriarte count, just as admirable and located next to the City Hall.

The different monuments are there in Cosala Magic town, may be the scales of a pleasant walk, culminating with the beautiful Santa Ursula Temple, built in 1730 by the society of Jesus. It exhibits a remarkable neoclassic building and includes a curious Sundial, made in stone.

It is also advisable to learn about methods and places for grinding sugar cane. For this purpose, we recommend visiting Padilla Higueras, where facilities and old utensils, focused on the development of many products derived from milled sugar cane are preserved.

Relevant information about Cosala Magic town
The most significant festivals of Cosala, for example, held from 22 to 24 June, when we celebrate the Feria of San Juan and therefore are horseracing, palenques, and horseback riding.

Also attractive is October 6, date in which is the celebration for the anniversary of magic town, which includes shows of fireworks and various cultural events.

In addition, on 21 October takes place the day of Santa Ursula, patron saint of Cosala, and to celebrate it, carry out religious and recreational events.

At the end of the year, from 10 to 12 December, the people dress Gala by the party to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Among the most beautiful of these celebrations, we must weigh the thousands of candles that are lit in the streets, windows and doors. There are also many rockets, “castles” pyrotechnic and traditional SERENADES.

Activities to be performed in Cosala Magic town
When you travel to Cosala, we suggest you explore the surroundings. For example, only 12 kilometers from the town, is located Ford Hondo, a site with ponds and waterfalls where treat yourself to refreshing dips. Also admirable is the flora and fauna of this lush place.

In addition, it also has a formidable Tyrolean, that rises to more than 40 meters and is excellent for more intrepid travellers and tourists.

Two sites also captive, in the vicinity of Cosala, are the people of Guadalupe of the Kings, with beautiful examples of colonial architecture and the ecological reserve of the Mineral of our Lady, where, in addition to a charming wild environment, you can meet an overflowing Aviary of the Macaw green, particularly in these regions of Mexico.

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