El Fuerte Magic Town

El Fuerte Magic Town – Sinaloa

The municipality of the strong, is one of the 18 municipalities in which is divided the State of Sinaloa, Mexico; located in the northern part of the State.
The municipality of the deposit is located in the northwestern part of the State of Sinaloa; It has great natural attractions, historic, architectural, cultural and deep-rooted indigenous traditions (yoremes), as well as located within the circuit ecotourism sea of Cortes – Barrancas del Cobre. The biggest tourist attraction, is its municipal seat, the colonial town of El Fuerte, founded in 1564 as the villa of San Juan Bautista de Carapoa, by the Spanish Captain Francisco de Ibarra, known as “El Fénix de los Conquistadores”.

Circuit ecotourism sea of Cortez – Copper Canyon – El Fuerte Magic Town

The main tourist attraction is its municipal seat, the colonial town of El Fuerte, founded in 1564 as the villa of San Juan Bautista de Carapoa by the Spanish Captain Francisco de Ibarra, known as “El Fénix de los Conquistadores”. The origin of its current name is derived from the “enclosure fortified” built by the Creole Captain Diego Martínez de Hurdaide during the Viceroyalty of Don Juan de Mendoza y Luna, Marqués de Montesclaros.

The Fort is today a mirror of history, where you can see beautiful examples of architecture like: the Municipal Palace, the Plaza de Armas with its attractive kiosk of wrought iron, La Casa de la Cultura, El Hotel Posada del Hidalgo, the Church of the sacred heart of Jesus, built in the 18th century; The House of the Constituent Congress, Mansion of the family Orrantia, helmet of the ancient Hotel Diligencias, home of the General Pablo Macias Valenzuela, just to mention some of the wonderful works of art rich in stories and anecdotes, a legacy of our ancestors.

The municipality of El Fuerte Magic Town offers other options to visitors, such as hunting clubs for the practice of hunting and fishing sports, as in their vicinity are two large dams, the Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and the Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, storing the waters of the Fuerte River, the largest river in the State, and that largemouth bass can be found.

The Fuerte River basin is considered to be very rich in stone inscriptions left by groups who for centuries nahoas forwarded by the Sinaloa migratory corridor, many of them still have not been studied, even the access to them is somewhat difficult. The Hill of the mask is a petroglyph complex, considered one of the main of our State by the number of engravings and the diversity of content; It is located on the Bank of the Fuerte River approximately 5 kilometres from the city. In total there are approximately 45 stones which together contain more than 100 prints, whose age is estimated between 800 and 2500 years.

It has lodging, standing out for their number settlements of rentals, restaurants, service repairs, imports, shows and entertainment.

El Fuerte Magic Town

You can enjoy the dishes typical of the city such as: Greaves, tripe, meatballs, fillet zarandeado, breaded or flamed, as well as the seafood, cooked, colachi, chilorio, machaca, stew, hash, rice, gorditas, tostadas, Golden tacos, fresh panela, menudo, pozole; tamales of pineapple, beef, corn and sweet; broth of meat, barbecue and prawns (cauques).

Basketry, furniture, fabrics of palma, pottery, woodwork and textiles make up handicrafts of this municipality, which has one of the richest in the State of Sinaloa, mainly highlighting beautiful handicrafts made by craftsmen yoremes, including: blankets and the Alameda wool serapes; pots and earthenware made in Capomos; carved wooden figures mainly from Jews and dancers in elaborate Capomos and Mochicahui deer and l’anxica; hats, baskets, bags and other knitted items in palma in Bamícori, El Realito, Tetaroba and Vega; chairs and tables of guasima made in Capomos; painted by Angelo in El Fuerte Bulnes.

Relevant information about the strong magical people – El Fuerte Magic Town
Close to El Fuerte are several communities of indigenous roots, in the towns of La Mission, Mochicahui and Capomos dwelling groups Mays or yoremes, maintain their pre-Hispanic customs incorporated into religious traditions. Their celebrations are a worthy expression of the peoples of Mexico and a magnificent opportunity to discover your festive spirit through his music and dances. Some important dates are June 12, San Antonio day, Easter and the day of the Virgin Mary in the month of December.

Handmade pottery is surprising, basketry and tissues of Palm are also handicrafts characteristic of these towns, as well as human figures and animals in carved wood. Other handicrafts which made for popular festivals are the masks of Jew with leather of wild boar, the l’anxica and the Rattles with bells

The local cuisine is varied, even exotic, you can taste delicious prawns or cauques, quail and sea bass fillets or pork rinds. The regional cuisine of Sinaloa the most common dishes are machaca and the chilorio.

Activities to be performed in the strong magical people – El Fuerte Magic Town
Walking through the streets and visit its colonial, as well as missions and old houses buildings. The visit and the Museum, hiking, bird watching, photography, boat, fishing and duck hunting trips.

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