Four Ciénegas Magic town

Four Ciénegas Magic town

Four Ciénegas is a municipality in the State of Coahuila, North of Mexico, and has an important ecological reserve, and is home to hundreds of endemic organisms.

Ecotourism. Discover “the pools”, a place where you can do different activities, such as; cycling mountain, scuba diving, underwater photography of landscapes and wildlife; You can likewise be camping and rappelling.

Four Ciénegas is a protected area, with an important ecological reserve, not only of the State, also in the country, for its great biodiversity, and because there is a unique place for the characteristics of the place, which develops wildlife called endemic organisms, above-ground gypsum.

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What you should visit the Four Ciénegas Magic town
It is an arid area with mountains, this area has an extensive dune area rich in plaster, with numerous springs (in other words is a place with many small ponds or puddles) whose water may be warm or cold, these gaps may be isolated or connected among themselves, where it is conducive to the development of the water lily.

To get have to do it on the road, during this journey you admiring the desert landscape, it’s amazing really. You’ll like the trip, where the most important is the nature, the silence of the desert, the contrasting sand dunes and the colors of the sunset make it magical.

Relevant information from Four Ciénegas Magic town
Something important for clarifying it is that the name of the reserve is Cuatro Ciénegas and the nearest town is “Cuatro Ciénegas de Carranza”, this population was called so because in this place was where he was born Don Venustiano Carranza, for this reason, don’t forget to enter the “Museo Casa Carranza”
Other sites s visit are:
• St. Joseph parish.
• Wine Cellars “Vitali and Ferrino”

When safety fences, could stay in the cabins (which we recommend) and that are close to this location, the experience is really wonderful.
Visit the tidepools is a wonderful thing, you can not put in all, there are some contaminated and are prohibited to get into them to prevent an accident, but there are others that you have been able to keep untouched, an example of which are called “blue pond” and “turtle pond”, those two are amazing.

The food is not varied or that you have not known in other areas, there produced some sweets and products made of walnut, also also produce wooden articles can find them on sale at the Museum. What if we thought it was delicious is the flesh and more if you buy it, handles it in the open air, with your favourite drink and watching the hilly landscape, it is wonderful.

Activities that you could perform in the Four Ciénegas Magic town
• Mountain biking
• Camping
• Rappel
• Landscape and wildlife photography
• Recreation outdoor
• Hiking
• Diving, but actually this is better for researchers
• Visit the museums
• Study on the flora and fauna of the desert

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