Magic town Arteaga

Magic town Arteaga

The Sierra de Arteaga is considered to be the Switzerland of Mexico for its beautiful landscapes and peaks snowfall during the winter.
The route across the cobbled streets of the city of Arteaga, you will find the church dedicated to San Isidro Labrador.

In the State of Coahuila, in the eastern area of the city of Saltillo (Capital City), you can locate Arteaga, when travel lost that it is like an oasis in the middle of the desert, its desert surroundings, is an identifier of the northern region of our country.

Magic town Arteaga

What you must visit in Magic town Arteaga

Arteaga has spaces with wonderful natural sceneries, where ecotourism is suitable for the practice of extreme adventure activities.

Monterreal forest. A short distance away (but not for walking, unless you have the physical condition) are the forests of Monterreal, there there are tracks to practice skiing, which you can use even and when not found snow throughout the year.

Cabins. If what you want is to rest with a peaceful environment, you will have to rent a cabin, to be able to discover why it is called the Switzerland of Mexico, we invite you to go to the terrace because the fantastic views to demonstrate you that fame is well founded in Arteaga.

The name of the city. The Governor of the State of Querétaro, in the year of 1857, was a person who participated in the military conflict, the French invasion and of the United States, after much fighting for the sake of the country, was captured and executed by Maximilian in the year of 1865, this historic hero to him the name to the magical town of Arteaga.

Recommendation. When you want to visit to Arteaga, we recommend going in the summer season, because?, since the temperatures or climate is between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius, but if you want to go in winter, the temperature is very different, because they may be between zero degrees or less, and this climate is ideal for find all the sierra nevada with never-seen landscapes.

Liquors or beverages. Something that you should not enjoy are some typical drinks made from fruit and liqueur, although it depends on taste, we recommend those of Apple or quince, which you can find at crafts shops or other businesses, they can find them in the streets of name Guerrero and democracy, or if you can not locate by name go to the center of the village.

Sweets. Something that is was forgetting I recommend is to taste sweets made of Perón and peach, which is found in a store’s name “La Quinta”, which told of step is the oldest and most traditional of Arteaga.

About Magic town Arteaga

Temple of San Isidro. One of the oldest and most important of the magical town of Arteaga buildings is the Catholic Temple of San isidro.
Its construction dates from the year of 1790, and almost 164 years later, was completed the work in the year of 1954. The temple front has 2 towers, which are adorned with niches and some pillars (a type of columns), in addition to a clock at the top and the representation of Jesus Christ.

If you want to go hiking or ecotourism, go to the following sites:
• Lilies.
• Carbonera.
• Tunal.
• several other sites.

Ve known within the State of Coahuila, to the magical town Arteaga, will love.

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