Mapimí magic town

Mapimí magic town

In the sixteenth century the Spaniards carried out expeditions to the North of Mexico, this area was a territory until then, unknown, they tried to find some legendary cities of gold’s name “Quivira” and “Cíbola”. Even though these mythical populations were never found, journeys served to find larger areas with deposits of precious minerals. Because of that many people began to travel to the area of Mapimí, prompted the emergence of towns like Santiago ore of Mapimí in the State of Durango.

The majority of the inhabitants of Mapimí is dedicated for more than 4 centuries around an Ojuela mine. Due to all these riches, during 17th century architecture, was very elegant and luxurious.
At the entrance of the mine grew a small town of “Ojuela”, same name that attracted fortunes-seekers, adventurers, merchants and outlaws.
Both had grown his fame that the town is mentioned in poems, corridos and legends. The Ojuela bridge, it admires for its excellent engineering.

Mapimí magic town

What to visit in Mapimí magic town
The Centre of the village, noted for its antiquity that dates back 400 years of history, that we can admire this mining community.
The admirable their architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries it can be seen in the building it was in his time headquarters of the Department of Commerce, likewise that of the Postal Service and the of the Temple of the Lord of Mapimí., the latter built in the year 1772, with its Gothic style. Its Pantheon also contains their legends by the tombs of foreigners who worked in the mines, and related legends, such as legends of “Los four of a horse” and “Los Ladrones de Ojuela”.

The Ojuela mine. It has a length of 450 kms of tunnels and was formed in the crucible of the village. In that mine the metals, copper, silver and gold were extracted and today the treasures, and some fascinating and rare minerals.
Those who visit the mine are oriented by a specialized guide, who uses an oil lamp in the route in the dark tunnels for the crossing.
As a symbol of the end of the tour, you see a mummified Mule and some dusty tools that were used in the mine.

Ojuela is a ghost town, since metals are finished, but still impresses by its solitude and quiet atmosphere, which makes you evoke the films of cowboys. This city had a population of 3,000 people, and had a theater, drinking water system, his Church, and a casino. Once the mines were flooded, he was definitely abandoned. Today those who like to take pictures at places mysterious and remarkable, Ojuela is ideal.

Ojuela bridge, is 318 meters long and rises about 110 meters. Currently a canopy on the side of the bridge, was installed to launch it across canada a unique experience…

Can you get to the Mapimí magic town
To move, you must first get to Gómez Palacio, Durango, or Torreon, in Coahuila, which you can arrive by plane and then travel by bus or car.
You can also travel by bus, which may take between 14 and 16 hours to reach your destination.
If you are traveling by car, from the city of Guadalajara, you will have to take the road to Zacatecas, crossing the city of “Bad step”, and “Jérez”, then go for the diversion to Fresnillo, passing through the city of Rio Grande, until arriving at the town of Cuencame, in the State of Durango, then must go to Gómez Palacio, and from there to the town of Mapimí.

Relevant information about Mapimí magic town
Ojuela mine 117 species of rare and valuable minerals have been taken such as:
• Adamitas
• Paradamita
• Scorodite
• The strange legrandite, which only found in Ojuela and a distant mine in Namibia, within the African continent.

Elsewhere in the Mapimí magic town
• The Church of Santiago Apóstol, built during the 18th century, which has a beautiful facade of carved cantera and with some Mudéjar details.
• The Juarez Museum which includes documents and references about the history from Mapimí and Ojuela.

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