Tecate Magic Town

Tecate Magic Town – Baja California

Tecate is a Mexican city, head of the municipality of the same name in the State of Baja California to the Northwest of Mexico. In 2012 was named ‘Magic town’ by the Ministry of tourism.

The word Tecate has an unknown meaning, although it is known that, in effect, was the original name of this place from the State of Baja California. Some historians consider that the indigenous people of the place, understood by such word, “Stone told” or even, “cut tree”.

The origins of Tecate is also back at the time of the missions, when this site as part of the Mission of San Diego was recorded in the 18th century. In the year of 1833, government authorities granted to Juan Bandini the granting of this property. Later, in 1861, the President Benito Juárez prompted the founding of the agricultural colony of Tecate, which included a few farms and some farms. As you want it to be the Foundation of the town is celebrated on April 2, 1888, and the first map of the place was completed in the year of 1892.

What to visit in Tecate Magic Town
What most defines Tecate is its picturesque flavor and its colonial ambience. It is a border community that really doesn’t like it. They are some elements that define its landscape: vast fields for livestock, impressive mountains and also colossal rock structures. Other representative aspects, is that it serves as the seat of a famous brewery and featuring different spas, with exclusive services for the improvement of health, with international recognition. An example of the latter, we have it in the door. Other attractions in Tecate, constitute certain paintings in the vicinity and an interesting craft centre and production of ceramic parts. One detail about this Baja town, is that there are bakeries in first level.

Tecate Magic Town, so close to the border with the United States, gives vacationers an extremely peaceful setting, a fairly fresh and pleasant, recommended climate for rest and fun, with temperatures moving between 12 and 22 degrees Celsius, on annual average.

In Tecate, it is feasible to find many recreational parks style rancheria, which give visitors the possibility to enjoy the countryside and access services of accommodation, food and sightseeing tours for welfare and entertainment of visitors.

In addition, Tecate stands out as a destination for health, several alternatives of spas and body treatments can be taken there.

In what refers to the traditional events of this community Baja, emphasizes the Tecate fair underway, in addition to several powers of bicycles and motorcycles across the field, in an environment of sacred summits where spreads an air of great purity and where born different Springs Mountain.

How to get to Tecate Magic Town
The most advisable to get to Tecate, due to its geographical location, is arriving by plane in the city of Tijuana and then taking a taxi or a truck. Tecate is located 20 minutes from Tijuana.

Relevant information about Tecate Magic Town
Tecate occupies a privileged place within the territory of the State of Baja California. It rises suggestive, between the vast sea and the fascinating desert, in an environment of trees, rivers, and mountains. In fact, one of the most recommendable for Tecate ways is through ecotourism, taking a weekend in this luga, r in a direct contact with nature, or rather intense relaxation, in one of his many ranches-spas.

Among the monuments worth visiting in Tecate, stands the railway station, which was built in 1915. In those years, the railroad line also linking the cities of San Diego, California and Yuma in Arizona.

Activities to be performed in Tecate Magic Town
Tecate is a municipality where you can take long walks and enjoy pleasant environments with tranquility and security, especially for the kind treatment of the locals.

In what refers to the purchase of handicrafts in the city of Tecate, should consider that, instead, craft production has a capital importance, especially with regard to the work boat and different varieties of glass.

A good part of these creations, are exported to the US.



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