Hitchhiking – Thumbs-Up?

Have you tried hitchhiking? It’s fun, and the adventure is its own reward, but you have to know how to play it safe. You can’t flaunt your worldly goods, including your loaded briefcase, in case there are greedy eyes around. These tips will help you smarten up before your raise a thumb.

Life on the Road

Jack Kerouac, American writer, redefined hitchhiking in his celebrated novelOn the Road(1957). The quintessential cliff notes of Kerouac’s novel describe hitchhiking from the point of view of a migratory trout, an antelope, six foot down a gully (to be exact), from the low hanging cliffs along the Available. This is where the real pioneering spirit of America was born.

Hitchhiking is still alive and well in the era of Americanocoats, hippies and Griswold…….think of it as a comfortable spot for the new adventurers, a place where one can comically endure hours ofoledonesson a journey to a destination that would otherwise be considered impossibly romantic.

As in all human endeavour, the technology behind the hitch has evolved, along with the people who are willing toYangize( hitch)withroad. Today’s savvy hitchhikers might be travellers in the Western hemisphere, South Americans on the east coast, Britons, Spaniards, Australians, Japanese, Europeans and Americans. But there are no rules for hitchhiking, onlylliadies(ahem, I mean really cute young women who want to be hitch-hiked).

In the south, there are highly skilled and experienced hitch-seekers, who know the country like the back of their hand, plus a whole load of others who are eager to Pituban( hitch, washboard – a term unknown to many but which most probably describes the action of hitch-hiking), as in all the countries.

In the USA, hitchhiking is not only safe, it is quite popular and the hitch-hikers ( professionals, professionals, celebrities ) are treated with a lot of respect. It’s not unusual to see a Hitchhiker in a movie wearing a ( rather grand) hat and carrying a big wallet, in order to achieve his aim. Hollywood portrayals try to convey the tall gals who become irresistible when they are thrown in a situation of need, and end up becoming companions of the choice of the main character.

Hitchhikers are not a rare sight in China. As usual, the wealthy hitch-hikers are accompanied by the prettiest girls, by guard of the country’s finest ginseng temples, while the hitch-hikers’ trades in big talk, in order to spread the message of love and distances.

In the whole of United States, there is no exact data regarding the number of hitch-hikers or the dangers involved. However, according to Joan Perry Snow who has written a large amount of articles on hitch-hiking,4,000 women give themselves to the hitch-hiking phenomenon in USA, 16000 men and 16,000 hitch-hikers. A lot of students of hitch-hiking are the products of universities, courses and colleges.

An advertisement for hitch-hiking in a newspaper is found in Snow. The author claims that 75% of hitch-hikers are men between the ages of 18 and 35. The hitch-hikers’ increasing popularity has been explained by the fact that they are notables in their own cities and that they know the best routes Avoiding traffic jams.

Translated by equal amounts of both Chinese and English, the Chinese message to the hitch-hikers is “Kneel down! It’s the road to Heaven, Beware! Danger awaits you here!”

New Zealand remains the only country to have a legal hitch-hike; a hitch-hike in New Zealand is a sacred thing.

A nun in Lisbon, Portugal has been giving covering messages to the hitch-hikers.

At the South coast of Patagonia in Chile, a group of young women tie themselves to aaiman (auranga) tree, alongside a main road, to urge the driver to stop. They raise their arms in surrender and are sure to remain standing there until the end of the road.

At the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, a road-trip is a traditional event. hitch-hikers travel together in a circle, feeling it is better than stupor, jumping in front of a moving truck. (smile)

Trial in the Netherlands: ‘ Volcano Road’oning the King’s path through the 1976 new port of Willemstad. The land stretches from the bottom of the garden to the top of the mountain.