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What to Visit on Your Tasmania Tour Č Tasmania, one of the largest islands of the world, is adorably known as the Tassie. It’s a place teeming with wildlife and nature. Tasmania is a hiker’s paradise and the island’s varied terrain makes it a dormant volcano that’s been waiting for nature to open up an unsuspecting Tasmania world. Hiking here can be as easy as getting on a plane and driving to a local countryside town to pitch your tent in a national park – there are affordable camping grounds all around the state. Once you’ve decided on your camping grounds, portable toilets and / or toilets along your walking holiday, here are some of the best places to visit.

Camping in the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Area

If you want to camp in Tasmania but you are not of the strong opinion that everyone should have a tent, Camping in the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Area is a unique opportunity to explore this region in style. The unique system of camping in this region is the key to success and the beauty of the mountain scenery makes sure that you remember your stay.

You can camp in the wilderness of Tasmania you choose – either in a tent or campervan. Many visitors who go camping in Tasmania choose to go camping in Tasmania’s mountain wilderness because of its pure untouched beauty.

You can camp in the wilderness of Tasmania – close to the wilderness area of the same name, you can even stay in a yurt – in the shadow of Mt Crane. It’s called the closest area to nature in Tasmania and in my opinion, it is much more enjoyable to camp in Tasmania in this way.

Even though camping in Tasmania has its share of a good time, I would recommend that you experience a little more nature before you leave for your trip.

Here are my top five tips for camping in Tasmania

Wind Aside GardensIt is not one of the best camping areas in Tasmania but it is the most unique. At the western end of what is commonly known as the Garden of Eden, you can find a fifty-two hectares site dedicated to vegetable growing. The site is accompanied by a large greenhouse that visitors can tour and explore.

You can find a bed and breakfasts facility at Wind Aside Gardens. The Gardens are not your typical camping spots. Rather, they are a great location for a romantic getaway or a family trip to bond and relax. There are thirty camping spots available, so you might want to consider making reservations before you travel to the Garden of Eden.

The Discovery CoastCamping in Tasmania is a great experience for visitors who love to discover the elements of nature. The diverse wildlife and the pristine wilderness provide visitors with a great opportunity to train their eyes and ears for the different sounds and scents that abound in nature.

To get the best out of your camping experience at Discovery CoastYou may need to wait a while to get into the park because it can get busy during the tourist season. In that case, you might want to visit the Discovery Coast and make your reservations before you travel to the park.

Cradle Mountain National ParkThis area is one of the top hikes in Australia and you can enjoy it even if you are a beginner. The rocks here are abundant and easy to explore. The Crucible Point is a viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of the ocean and much of the surrounding area.Morning light and evening sun visits this place and it makes a great place to have your lunch. There are different trails to the park which you can explore; so make sure you take your camera with you to capture the best of what this area has to offer.

Blue MountainsThis park is one of the many attractions to come out of New South Wales. If you are feeling very adventurous, you can opt to ride the famous Blue Mountains Railway which is a preserved steam railway that joins Echo Point to Sleepingbags in the wilderness. The place is known for its abundant flora and fauna. Before you leave the place, you should take the time to study the large flora on the trails.

Cairns Coconut Camping Siteis a unique holiday destination that takes camping to a whole new level. The area is a mix of sandy beaches, lush rainforest and manicured gardens. There are plenty of camping sites to choose from at Cairns Coconut Camping Site. You can stay at the provided camps or you can go for self-catering holidays. The Holiday Park features picnic tables, wireless internet, laundry service, and shower block. Cats are also allowed at this park.

Flinders Island is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who visit Adelaide. But before you head to the island, you should take the time to prepare your trip. Do not forget to include camping in your holiday plans. You will need to carry your camping gear as Flinders Island has no amenities that you know of.